Sheltered and more art by Hillary Steel

Sheltered, 20⁣19
Double Ikat
hand weaving
Shibori resist dyeing
sewing cotton

Hillary Steel

The labor of preparing and dyeing materials, dressing looms, and weaving cloth is slow and affords time for contemplation. After the cloth is woven, I develop a deep familiarity with the material as I consider the construction and final format of the work, often re-dyeing, cutting the cloth, and re-assembling it to create the finished piece. At the end of my endeavors, I hope that something of my experience translates to the viewer and that the completed work offers space and time for personal reflection.

A resident of Montgomery County, Hillary Steel specializes in weaving and resist dyeing. Her woven wall pieces are influenced by travels to Cote d'Ivoire, Peru, Chile and Mexico and her work with master artisans. Her art is exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held in private and public collections.

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other works by Hillary Steel

Phoenix, 20⁣16
Ikat resist dyeing
hand weaving
sewing cotton

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