sophia bartholomew, artist's statement and more art by Sophia Bartholomew

sophia bartholomew, artist's statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist’s Statement

Eight-foot pieces of pine cut down to six and four foot pieces, joined by wooden dowels, nylon zip ties and chicken wire, staples, plus all the things around the things, the packaging and the scrap paper. Food that sustained my body, thoughts that sustained the work. The wrapping around a mop, a mattress, the loaves of bread and apples measured by weight, carrots and books from the library, ink and tracing paper, a hamburger, fries and grommets, gesso, hundreds, maybe thousands of careful folds and cuts. The moving air from a fan humming a low tone, and singing along to it through a speaker and breathing. Plexiglass and a photo from four winters ago, looking out across the neighbour’s field, out towards the wind and the woods in every direction.


sophia bartholomew (they/them) is a non-binary person and interdisciplinary artist who uses text and textiles, objects and photographs, performance and video to explore inter-subjectivity, reciprocity, physical fragility and decay. They are descended from Norwegian immigrants on Treaty 3 territory, and English and Irish settlers in so-called Toronto, Canada. Since graduating with their BFA from UBC in 2012, their practice has been guided by open-ended conversations and collaborative work with other artists. They are currently an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph.

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The strand like the spirit. Th..., 2021
280 x 497 x 3 cm (h x w x d)
#performance #drawing

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sophia bartholomew, artist..., 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Drawing While Black, aka Black..., 2020
h = 300, d = 3 cm
#performance #drawing

Artist's Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement , 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm


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