It's Tradition and more art by kenneth arguinzoni

It's Tradition, 2020
36 x 36 x 24 inch (h x w x d)
USD 3 000
fiber glass
leather speed bags
for sale

Hometown: Miami
A baby highchair, leather jacket, even baseballs, are a few of the objects I use for motivation and materials in my
art. I'm always on the lookout for objects and forms that excite my emotions and sensations. I incorporate these
objects with their given meanings and associations with other forms that alter their original meanings that invite
fresh ideas and possibilities. My sculptures are a mixture of the obvious and hidden relationships that challenge
people's views in unique forms. Rotating objects are a frequent component in several sculptures. In the work
titled, "I Want You to Want Me", a leather jacket sits on a floor with a spiral rotating between both upraised arms.
The viewer is being hypnotized by a controlling, spoiled child! "Success" (being rich and or famous) is a major
theme of my work. Autographed baseballs of famous artists, writers, and politicians are assembled and become
the legs of a baby highchair. Titled (Preparing for Launch) - "Now Eat Your Lunch!", asks is success the result of
nature or nurture? We may see another way to succeed in the piece titled "It's Tradition". A white Corinthian
capital, the column shaft is replaced with 5 blue speed bags. Boxers use them when training to build strength
and endurance. Every generation of artists studies the works of the masters. To learn their methods and
techniques. To draw inspiration and motivation. I'm a sculptor that combines common objects, from everyday life,
to create images that stop time, bring imaginary scenes to life, that express vulnerability, ambition and aspiration.
With sensitivity and humor.

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