Flying Lotus Ecstatic Union and more art by Tiffinity

Flying Lotus Ecstatic Union, 2022
16 x 20 inch (h x w)
USD 888
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This piece was inspired by a vivid dream I had, where ecstatic sacred energy exchange with my loving soulmate resulted in flying higher and higher into the sky, as the climax strengthened! It felt so vividly I can still remember the sensations, so I channeled the idea into this piece. The figures were originally inspired by a photograph from Vadim Stein, who specializes in stunning dance photography. After taking the Sacred Geometry lessons with Krystleyez, I was inspired to incorporate the Flower of Life, to add a breath of sacred harmony to the mid-air suspension. I aimed to echo the flowers from that geometry into the lotus and the body joints, but also the temple pillar details too, which happened to be in my reference.
It's still unfinished, but the colors will remain somewhat simple and muted I believe. My intention with the Indian-inspired temple arch is to show how the Flower of Life can be used to create those petal-like arches, and I intend to fade the pattern in and out of the arch further, and fill in the airy clouds around the figures.

Only those of innocent hearts
and surrendered arms
May enter into the mystic temples
that time forgot...
Where eternal torches witness
Dual form of goddess and godhead,
Twin flames intertwine limbs
And ascend sacred structures,
Flowering of life with love and lust...
Nectar lips drip into angelic realms
As two souls merge into one,
Grinding lotus-petalled hips
Into ecstatic kundalini rapture…
Riding waves of rising bliss
Levitates lovers up into the sky,
Swirling into starry spheres
Amongst castles of clouds…
Harmonic chords reverberate
As the pleasure plunges further,
They rise ever upwards
Unfolding tantric frequencies...
As from within, so around
Expounds their holy One-ness,
To pollinate the gardens of
Sacred Sex consciousness.

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