Rainforest Guardian and more art by Eileen "Rosie" Rose aka illuminated Rose

Rainforest Guardian, 2022
16 x 16 inch (h x w)
USD 555
Acrylic and UV paint on hexagonal canvas
for sale

The Guardian of the Rainforest – Flower of Life poem by Eileen “Rosie” Rose
The flower of life, a sacred geometric
representation of the unfoldment of the web of nature.
A blueprint of how life comes
into form from seed or egg in the creation cycle.
Humans, stop trying to control the web!
Remember that we are merely a strand in it.
Why does this Earth guardian have teary eyes?
Is it eco grief. Watching before her eyes,
the 64% of the world's tropical rainforest
having been destroyed since pre-industrial times.
It’s time for reveal-ution. and regenessance .
Do you want to save yourself??
Then you must protect this precious environment
that we are at one with. Atonement.
Hail to the tree huggers, the bug watchers,
The weed gatherers, the birders and the artivists.
Here’s to the greening of our beautiful planet.
"I have studied and taught sacred geometry for many years but it took this great class with Kystleyez to reignite my creative juices to created many new pieces. The one I chose of this exhibit ""Rainforest Guardian"" started merely as a flower of life within a seed of life but soon other images came to me. I don't often work with UV paints and it was so much fun to see the piece glowing under the black light.
I often create paintings with nature in the them. May you be inspired by my work and see the Divine and beauty in the world around you, in nature, and in yourself, and remember that you are a strand in the great web of all that is.
Let us honor this miracle of life that we have been granted. Aho,!"

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