The Birth of Venus and more art by Alex Sastoque

The Birth of Venus
18 x 29 inch (h x w)
USD 13 000
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
for sale


"Everything vibrates at the most fundamental level, the Universe and everything that comprises it is pure vibrational energy that manifests itself in different ways. Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.
The piece “The Birth of Venus ” synthesizes the Renaissance, abstract expressionism, visionary art, and pre-Columbian art in the same composition. It manifests an affluent tonal and pictorial language, in which the distortion of forms and the fusion of color entails the consolidation of what Sastoque has called molecular and universal painting focused on the disintegration of forms.
In his creative process there is evidence of a balance between reason and the spontaneous act of experimentation with matter, a dynamic body action. His work brings quantum behavior closer to our daily life through art, something that Sastoque has defined as ""quantum automatism""."

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