A Walk of Perspective and more art by Kalista Bomar

A Walk of Perspective, SFHS, 12th
16.5 x 22 inch (h x w)
USD 175
for sale

My piece was made to portray our perspective and walks of life. There are many ways to look at thinks whether is be positive or negative. I try to be positive and find the good in the situation but sometimes that is not always so easy. The black border is supposed to represent despair and/or death while the middle represents life and/or beauty. We all chose to look at situations differently emphasizing the color pop really shows that. The stone path leading up to the waterfall and also going off into the opposite direction shows how we come upon choices that can lead to suck an impact on our life and the paths we choose can affect our scenery. I chose to use pastels because I want to try new things and be able to use anything around me to create. I intend to carry this attitude through my journey as an artist and in life.

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