Remix: The Son of Man and more art by David Niles

Remix: The Son of Man, 2020
108 x 72 cm (h x w)
Digital/Video Animation with Original Music

Remix is a multimedia experience of remixes of old iconic art works of the past. The work is a collection of heavily processed and animated videos of pieces like The Mona Lisa, Starry Night and more. These videos are edited to original sounds produced by myself in music production software - Ableton Live. Hailing from a musical background in production and show visuals I believe that the idea of a remix is something that transcends the musical realm and can be seen in many different areas of art. I chose to incorporate: image, motion, sound, and if things were not in the current state, touch. These 8 animated art works symbolize to me that great art is timeless and art exists to inspire the future generations of artists - no matter what they choose to do with it.

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