Growing Pains and more art by Peachy Ellis

Growing Pains, 2020
48 x 69 inch (h x w)
Body Casting
and Adobe Photoshop.

This is the beauty of growth — complex, colorful, yet sometimes confusing. This piece conveys the vibrant nature of our surroundings and what lives within us when we are experiencing the process of self-growth. Like flowers, we bloom into the person we are today, or eventually into the person we hope to become. However, that journey often presents itself with distorted views, painful outcomes but most importantly, lessons learned. In my piece, the changing of colors is much like the ever-changing attitudes we harbor towards the different experiences we face in life. Similarly, the technique of layering offers an insight to the multiple aspects we own from our skin to our core. We must be reminded that change is okay, change is good.
In creating this piece, I incorporated the process of molding to emulate my hand. In doing so, I photographed this asset, as well as flowers, and utilized the features of Adobe Photoshop to create this final piece. By placing the hand in different positions, I intended to create a blooming effect that would represent the blooming of a flower. As we too, bloom as humans.
I hope to grow in courage and color in this world; I hope you all do as well.

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