The Muse of Imagination and more art by Emma Marie

The Muse of Imagination
36 x 72 inch (h x w)
Acrylic & Oil / Mischtechnik
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The Muse of Imagination

“Our grandest potential as humans

might be to serve as the forward-seeing imagination of the Earth.” - Geneen Marie Haugen


Blending into the terrain

of mountain majesty

I am imagined by the Earth

into a body of water

and painted by the setting sun

rising moon

& celestial skies

into Nature’s Muse.

Outer eyes close

for inner eye to open

to Regeneration within

unfurling as Gaia’s elemental alchemy

into a bejeweled, winged lotus flower

of healing evolution

& cyclical transformation.

On the brink of extinction

I emerge from a slumber of separation

into a wellspring of remembrance:

I am an ensouled expression of the Universe

here to embody interdependence.

Woven with ocean fabric

& governed by lunar cycles

my heart holds an essential key:

to center within the sacred spirals

of shadow & light,

thriving life,

& reciprocity.

Adorned with wings of wisdom

& unconditional compassion

The time has come to emanate a rippling tide of change

& become the Muse of Imagination

through this Great Transition.


“Earth imagines us into being and, by doing so,

enables us to imagine Earth’s future - and to make it manifest. Our destiny is to creatively and responsibly partner with Earth in her evolution.

Our capacity to support Earth’s unfolding

derives in part from our deep imagination,

our Muses.” Bill Plotkin, Wild Mind

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