Olga and Anna, AMIGA (Czech Republic) and more art by Ekaterina Zhelyukova

Olga and Anna, AMIGA (Czech Republic), 2021
95 x 95 inch (h x w)

exhibited by:

other works by Ekaterina Zhelyukova

Laura and Martina, AMIGA (Czec..., 2021
88 x 90 inch (h x w)

more from Movement

Credit Information
60 x 54.5 inch (h x w)

Sally, Herstory & AkiDwA (..., 2021

Margaret, Herstory & AkiDw..., 2021

Ibtisam and unkown woman, Jeru..., 2021
65 x 54.5 inch (h x w)

Fatme and unknown woman, Jerus..., 2021
65 x 54.5 inch (h x w)


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