Sally, Herstory & AkiDwA (Ireland) and more art by Anna Matykiewicz

Sally, Herstory & AkiDwA (Ireland), 2021

(First of two parallel portraits, titled 'Margaret and Sally.')

Born and raised in Sudan, Margaret Stephen was separated from her mother as a teenager due to the outbreak of war and forced into marriage. Eventually reuniting with her family, she risked her life crossing the border into Uganda where she lived in a refugee camp for 14 years. There, along with a handful of other women, she fought for the right of Sudanese people to remain in the camp when officers were trying to force them to return to Sudan. Now in Ireland, Margaret is currently working toward the creation of campaigns to help the women of the refugee camp that she once found herself in. Born in St. Patrick’s Mother and Baby home in Ireland, Sally Mulready was separated from her mother when she was 4 to be raised in St. Philomena’s Home. Upon emigrating to the UK aged 16, she was able to receive an education and start a political career that would lead her to a seat on the Council of State in Ireland, advising President Michael D. Higgins. A co-founder of the Irish Women Survivors Network and past Director of the Irish Elderly Advice Network, Sally has spent decades working for Irish emigrants abroad and her community at large. Despite their tough starts to life, both Margaret and Sally have dedicated much of their time to the improvement of the lives of those around them.

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Margaret, Herstory & AkiDw..., 2021

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60 x 54.5 inch (h x w)

Sally, Herstory & AkiDwA (..., 2021

Margaret, Herstory & AkiDw..., 2021

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