Natural Fighter und weitere Werke von Paul Ayers

Natural Fighter
121 x 91 cm (h x w)
1 600
Oil on canvas

This oil painting is the first in my series, "Fighters", based upon vintage promotional photographs of late 19th and early 20th century boxers. I wanted to achieve a rich glow of tones and colours by using a slow build up of oil paint glazes, creating a chiaroscuro effect.

In my painting practice I explore the physical qualities of paint (particularly oil) and the myriad textures, marks, light effects, colour and illusions that can be achieved. So, while my work represents objects in the real world, I strive to give the painted surfaces an intensity and physical presence. I use photographic references (usually my own, sometimes found) to construct imaginary places that could be real but have a heightened sense of emotion and atmosphere. Influences include Peter Doig, Peter Blake, Caspar David Friedrich and Peter Howson. I am particularly interested in the idea of juxtaposition - such as setting artificial, man-made structures and elements against natural landscapes, so that objects seem out of place and "surreal".

My "Fighters" series explores the juxtaposition of strong "masculinity" against "feminine" patterns. These paintings reference promotional photographs of late 19th and early 20th century boxers. I create cyanotypes from these photographs which are then worked back into with watercolours, oil and acrylic paints to create mixed media paintings.

I studied at called Falmouth School of Art and Design in the 1990s, for my BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA in History of Modern Art and Design. I have exhibited my work in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Falmouth Art Gallery, the Royal College of Art and the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath. My work has also been selected for prestigious national exhibitions such as the Hunting Art Prizes, the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Figurative Art Now (Mall Galleries) and the Royal West of England Academy's Annual Open Exhibition. I now base myself in Bristol.

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