Understand the current so you see pathways instead of chaos. und weitere Werke von Lee Schnaiberg

Understand the current so you see pathways instead of chaos.
35.2 x 65 inch (h x w)

After 17 semesters in art-school [kicked out of some, quit some] Lee recieved a BFA, spent a decade VJing (Tsuyoshi Suzuki, live AVband Technopest, and GodSpeed! You! Black Emperor) made experimental documentaries about climate-change solutions which led to a decade+ making ecoCapital sculptures using capital as the primary medium. He's won awards for his paintings (Laureat du Quebec; CollegeArt '86) videos (Canadian Student Film Festival) and climate movies (EarthVision'98 in Santa Cruz).

Understand the current so you see pathways instead of chaos is a RoguePano photrograph. No Photoshop, no Gimp, all-in-camera. The piece depicts the way one can not get overwhelmed by the chaos by grasping onto nature, and understanding the flow. When white-water rafting they tell participants, in case they fall out of the raft to not focus on the chaos, because then they'll drown, instead understand the current and let go into it. That way they will avoid all rocks and resurface into the flow... This is what this piece, UtCSYSPIoC is all about.

NOTE: This is a digital work, and actual dimensions are variable. The listed physical dimensions have been adjusted for the purposes of the virtual gallery presentation.



LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

exhibited by:

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