untitled [kinetic sculpture #4] und weitere Werke von Evelyn Loschy

untitled [kinetic sculpture #4], 2012
kinetic-autodestructive sculpture

untitled [kinetic sculpture #4], 2012/2015
kinetic-autodestructive sculpture
plaster, sewa-cryl, iron, motor, puls-width modulator, transformer
178 x 64 x 41 cm, edition: 1 + AP
In the experimental arrangement “untitled (kinetic sculpture #4)”, a hand is stroking a face; both of which are made of plaster. The hand is coupled with an appliance that sets it in motion. The rod moves the hand over the cheek of the head, causing partial erosion of the material in the process. Plaster comes loose in the form of dust and falls to the ground. The bottom layer of the objects (the hand and the head) becomes visible. The fundamentally positive gesture of stroking is reversed. The constant friction causes destruction. The motion and decomposition of material allow us to talk of a self-destroying structure; yet at the same time it seems imperative to notice that this is not the primary subject of “untitled (kinetic sculpture #4)”. In this case, the process of destruction is one of creation rather than annihilation. From the moment it is switched on, the sculpture behaves like an independent cosmos. The machine's movement patterns become a performance, a mechanical theatre. One can observe a compaction of processes and meanings, wayfaring from one medium to another. What remains at the end is the abraded hands and heads – which can always be replaced by new ones – as well as the documentation of the process.

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