QuanYin CuddleFish Invocation und weitere Werke von Samael Indigo

QuanYin CuddleFish Invocation, 2022
10 x 30 inch (h x w)
USD 444
UV Oil paint and Egg Tempera
for sale

"I've been working on this piece for years now. It started as an Acrylic painting of the same idea but I painted over that for the class and centered the painting and tried my hand at UV oil for the first time. I think I made a lot of revelations in this.
Buddha is in the center with a cuttlefish in the opposite space of each of his ears. To his left is Quan Yin in front of a temple with a sunflower and to the right lies a more fantasy scene among the mountains.
I painted this Live to music on the Vision Train and where I live in the Denver during Bass concerts. I like to paint usually at night time to live music if I can.

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