And So It Is und weitere Werke von K's Myth

And So It Is, 2022
36 x 24 inch (h x w)
not for sale

"Hello, I am Kyle Smith. As I began the journey into Regeneration, I contemplated what defines me. To put it simply, I am a creator. I believe we become what we think about. As I think, I shall manifest. So, like looking at stars in the sky, what we see in this reality is just a product of the past; of prior thought and vibration. What is, is old news… So what do I desire to create? I desire to uplift and inspire Humanity into this state of Regeneration. I desire to rediscover sustainable ways of living, so that all beings can live in joy and abundance. Along the way I will be awe-inspired and appreciative of this magnificent spaceship we call home ���… AND SO IT IS
I began this painting knowing that I wanted the view from my property in Hartsel, CO in the foreground. I have an obsession with clouds so I also knew that I would have some in front of my chest and shoulders. This led to repositioning my vortex tattoo above my head. I thought it would be a great idea to paint things I want to manifest on my property, but that ended up being too great of a challenge to sketch overnight. So in the meantime, I have placed many of my favorite possessions in the sky as a reminder of all the amazing synchronicities I have experienced by following my passions. These include the tiny house I am building, a CyberKey pendant, paintbrush, dj controller, and a poker card to commemorate my job as a poker dealer. I plan to add a tree I’ve been helping grow in my hands, my wife’s wedding ring, a burning man head on a chess piece, my goalie pads, and something to honor my son, Wilder.
Thanks for looking, and for all the inspiration. I am honored to be on board this non-stop Vision Train. Wooo-wooo �"

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