Are Some Types of Knowledge Less Open to Interpretation Than Others? und weitere Werke von Isabela Brockmann (2 of 3)

Are Some Types of Knowledge Less Open to Interpretation Than Others?, 2022

My TOK exhibition will revolve around the prompt “Are some types of knowledge less open to interpretation than others”. It will be explored through the TOK concept interpretation and in the context of the core theme: Knowledge and the Knower. This theme complements the prompt as our interpretation of knowledge is influenced by the communities of knowers we are a part of. Furthermore, the interpretation of knowledge is dependent on the category of knowledge and its context. In some contexts, such as in the sciences there are strictly ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers, leaving little room for interpretation as the knowledge is factual and objective. In contexts such as the arts, artists can make viewers gravitate towards a common interpretation however, different interpretations may arise as art is subjective. Finally, some knowledge tools are purposefully ambiguous allowing for a range of interpretations from users.

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