On Country und weitere Werke von Benjamin Warlngundu Ellis

On Country, 2022

Benjamin Warlngundu Ellis is a Gudanji/Wambaya man of the northern Barkly Tablelands and inland freshwater Country of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Benjamin, a self-taught professional photographer, is especially passionate about the role First Nations arts and media industries play into the celebration of Ngarrinja (Blakfulla) identities; the body of his work devoted to championing Ngarrinja cultures, traditions and spiritual lands across this continent.

Benjamin possesses a canny ability to interface the elements of subject & space in a way that award his audience with a sense of ‘being there’. For that reason, through his discipline he has delivered on various significant cultural legacy projects, been featured in a number of publications both in print and online, and is regularly being sought for work at major First Nations festivals throughout the country.

“I love my work as a photographer documenting for and of ATSI arts & cultures across the country. I see this work as part of a political resistance toward colonialism and its institutions through my own practice to promote, advocate and celebrate Blakfulla cultures and identities through their own practices. Doing so is an assertion to how I identify as an Ngarrinja man in this country, to continue honouring the spirit & legacies of First Nations peoples.”

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