Pampas and Miscanthus und weitere Werke von Andrew Chan

Pampas and Miscanthus, 2022
240 x 120 cm (h x w)

Miss Cairo (she/her)
the cat who knits:
“Miss Cairo, Miss Cairo, Miss Cairo. I saw her for the first time at a Queer party, she was performing a burlesque number and had a credit card reader taped to her boobs asking for people to tip her. It was ICONIC! I then bumped into her a few more times and her energy was just so enchanting. Miss Cairo is perfect for the exhibition.
When Graham suggested we use Pampas Grass and Miscanthus, I immediately had Miss Cairo in mind because the colours of the grasses compliment her so well. This cable dress is created by yarn sponsored by Knitato (@knitato). They provided me with some mohair merino blend that created this airy aesthetic to the dress. The sheerness of the dress landed so well on the curves of My Majesty, The Egyptian Sudanse and English Queen, Miss Cairo. We added Miscanthus at the bottom of the dress and created a neck and shoulder piece off the Pampas grass.”
Miss Cairo has been a cabaret artist for the last decade and is the founding Director of The People of Cabaret. She has performed extensively around the world, and has a vast varied skill-set within the performing arts. A dancer, a singer, an actress, an activist, and a writer she aims to galvanise people into making expansive changes in the world!

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