Spanish Moss und weitere Werke von Andrew Chan

Spanish Moss, 2022
240 x 120 cm (h x w)

JULAI (they/them he/him)
the cat who knits:
“I first met JULAI when I watched them perform in House of Divine - the legendary ballroom house and JULAI's Queer family in the Naarm scene. I knew I wanted to collaborate with him someday and when the opportunity came I already had a look in mind; a full denim outfit. I always loved the contrasting textures of denim and wool, and the way it also plays with the idea of soft and hard.
We scouted for the perfect pair of jeans and denim jacket from a thrift shop. After many attempts of dying the denim, I finally got them in the right shade. With JULAI’s heritage in mind, I incorporated Samoan tattoo motifs in the knitted side panels of the jeans. I then added fringes on the side with the help of my friend, Leonard. The sleeves were repurposed with yarn made from organic cotton and wool. I am super honoured to get JULAI to perform BADDIE BTTMS, their first single, as part of this exhibition.”
Hailing from the south eastern suburbs of Naarm, JULAI, the proclaimed BADDEST of the baddest is a rising voice amongst the city’s underground queer scene — from their expression, to music and performing on stage, JULAI represents their community and Polynesian identity unapologetically in a way that screams individuality, power and strength.

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