Ascendentes 1 und weitere Werke von Robert Hoekstra

Ascendentes 1
28 x 25 x 16 inch (h x w x d)
USD 12 000
Bronze and Crystal
for sale

Hometown: Daytona

I am not interested in representing reality. Rather, I am interested in responding to that reality through artistic interpretation. The choice of media is dictated by my response to the subject.
While previously studying figure and portrait drawing my instructor spent some time looking over my shoulder and finally asked, “What are you trying to do?” My response, “I’m not trying to draw her likeness. I’m trying to draw her soul.” His response, “Well I can help you with a likeness but I can’t help you with that.” The search for the soul in drawing, painting and sculpture has inspired my body of work.
While visiting the Rodin Museum in Paris I saw an incomplete sculpture poorly displayed in the garden behind scratched and dirty Plexiglas panels. Little is known about the sculpture other than it was a commissioned work to be a headstone for a baby. There is a partially sculpted head and hand of the mother cradling the dying child. This incomplete work brought me to tears and I wondered what I could say about the loss of a child. For the next five years I explored this topic using sketches and maquettes resulting in the lead crystal and bronze sculptures which includes the teeter totter, trike ride and Ascendentes

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