Chez Louisette und weitere Werke von Anna Sokolova

Chez Louisette, 2017
90 x 90 cm (h x w)
2 100
Oil on canvas
for sale

Salvador Dali had a trick for restaurant owners. When visiting an entertainment venue for the first time, he gathered a large group of friends and acquaintances, and treated everyone with any dishes and drinks all evening. When it was time to pay the bill, the artist would wrote out a check for a huge amount, and then ... on the back of the check he wrote a few warm words of thanks to the owner of the place and put his autograph.

The calculation was simple and trouble-free: using his fame as a living genius, Dali was sure that the restaurant owner would never dare cash the check with the original signature of Dali himself! And so it usually happened: restaurateurs understood that they could eventually gain much more money for this check, but the master saved on dinner.

I miss the atmosphere and spirit of French cafes and restaurants. They are different in every region, city and village, and they are beautiful.

I have one favorite cafe in Paris. We go there for many years and bring friends. They already know us there and are glad every time of our appearance. This cafe is quite difficult to find if you do not know about its existence. It is located in the heart of the flea market and its interior resembles an antique shop. Here the atmosphere of a village holiday reigns - an eternal new year, fun, noisy and very sincere. Once upon a time, Edith Piaf sang in it, and whoever did not visit him! The waiters are all elderly people who have been working there all their lives. In this cafe, the French chanson does not stop, singers and singers take turns, performing their favorite repertoire. They also began to sing in this place when they were very young, now they are all 70-75 years old.

Recently, I brought my artist friend there, and I really wanted to show her this place. But the restaurant was closed! I learned from the nearest marshans that the owner of the cafe had died, and his wife closed the establishment for a week. Well, another week later quarantine began.

I’m waiting for me to be able to get back to this place I love, and as a reminder I have a picture called Chez Louisette. The picture was created according to the sketch made in this cafe.

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