"Look outside! Solovetsky islands" und weitere Werke von Anna Sokolova

"Look outside! Solovetsky islands", 2019
130 x 90 cm (h x w)
2 600
mixed on carton

Solovki is the largest archipelago in the White Sea, in northern Russia. The first settlers appeared there in the 6 millennium BC and since then these islands have seen a lot. In the 15th century the Оld Believers founded the monastery there. In the 17th century Solovetskiy monastery was involved in military hostilities, in the 19th century its walls were shelled by the British ship. In the 20th century the monastery was turned into a forced labour camp. Today it is again a Russian orthodox monastery. The history of Solovki is the history of the Russian North, and of our whole big country.

I was lucky because by friends took me there. It is difficult to convey in words the impressions that I received from this true "place of power." The purest lakes, springs with crystal water. Bottomless skies, the buoyancy of nature during the summer and deep snow in the winter.
Later I realized that if you want to find your soul, Solovki islands is exactly the place where it can happen.

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