The Notorious RBG und weitere Werke von Bryce Culverhouse

The Notorious RBG, 2019
46 x 42 inch (h x w)
Digital Typography
for sale

Some of her landmark rulings and comments on well known U. S. Supreme Court Cases.


After developing a strong interest in typography while attending Kendall College of Art and Design, and after a career as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director, I decided to develop a new style of art based solely on letterforms that create images. I’ve combined my passion for history and visual art. I have created specific history or biography lessons that both communicate information about the subject as well as an interesting concept to visualizing the subject. Each piece is meant to be read as well as viewed for its visual value. So far, I’ve limited my subject matter to portraits of famous individuals and mostly restricted my palate to grayscale values on colored backgrounds. I have started exploring color palates to further the scope of my technique. The typography that forms each subject is usually interesting bio material and well-known quotes or in the case of my Mount Rushmore series, Presidential speeches or letters they have written. Some of my artistic influences are Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Leroy Nieman, Peter Max and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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