Twaze und weitere Werke von Didier William

Twaze, 2018
14 x 16 inch (h x w)
Copper etching on paper

Didier William weaves together a wide range of art-making techniques to push the limits of his materials. His undulating eye patterns carved into the support develops into mesmerizing figurative forms of raw wood. He further layers bold etchings, handmade paper, and poured paint to create a richly textured painting surface that captures the complex history and identity of his native Haiti. Rendered on wooden panels, the works combine painted, collaged, and carved elements. The silhouette figures are composed of allover fields of small eyes incised into the supports and inked in black. Didier William is originally from Port-au-Prince Haiti. He received his BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University School of Art.

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