Emma Adams und weitere Werke von Emma Adams

Emma Adams , 2021
100 x 100 cm (h x w)

This week I was inspired by John Allen and Marie Harding for my response. I find biosphere experiments to be very interesting, especially on the scale that John Allen was involved in. Something John Allen says in the interview that I liked that is not necessarily related to this image, but really caught my attention is that "there is avant-garde in science, but the artists are more recognized for it". He mentions that this is really based on self-expression, and he says artists are better at expressing themselves. While I don't really disagree with this, I feel a lot of students and STEM workers may feel a sort of wall that prevents them from exploring self-expression. I have personal experience here, but I just think that the point of view is interesting.

The image itself is inspired by the community focus of the module. Supporting each other and working together, as illustrated in both John Allen and Marie Harding's interviews (and others, but these two were my main focus), is what builds the support for a community. The idea of synergy, from both the ranch and the biosphere, plays into this idea of community.

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