Illegal Alien's Guide to Somewhere over the Rainbow und weitere Werke von Enrique Chagoya

Illegal Alien's Guide to Somewhere over the Rainbow, 2010
30 x 22.3 inch (h x w)
Color Lithograph with Chine Colle

In this map Chagoya depicts a world beset with problems of man-made pollution: environmental, industrial and social. The planet needs a break! Each country is drawn in a distorted size proportional to its carbon emissions. Sea creatures fight back by attacking oil tankers and an army of green men follow an elephant into an unknown, but perhaps a more hopeful, future.

Enrique Chagoya makes paintings and prints about the changing nature of culture. His work is full of irreverent humor and uses a satirical viewpoint for religious and economic criticism and philosophic reflection.
Drawing from his experiences living on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border in the late 70’s, and also in Europe in the late 90’s, Enrique Chagoya juxtaposes secular, popular, and religious symbols in order to address the ongoing cultural clash between the United States, Latin America and the world as well. He uses familiar pop icons to create deceptively friendly points of entry for the discussion of complex issues. Through these seemingly harmless characters Chagoya examines the recurring subject of colonialism and oppression that continues to riddle contemporary American foreign policy.
Chagoya was born and raised in Mexico City. As a young adult, Chagoya enrolled in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, where he studied political economy and contributed political cartoons to union newsletters. He relocated to Veracruz and directed a team focused on rural-development projects, a time he describes as “an incredible growing experience…[that] made me form strong views on what was happening outside in the world.” This growing political awareness would later surface in Chagoya’s art. At age 26, Chagoya moved to Berkeley, California, and began working as a free-lance illustrator and graphic designer. Disheartened by what he considered to be the narrow political scope of economics programs in local colleges, Chagoya turned his interests to art.
In 2000, Chagoya became a citizen of the United States. He is currently Associate Professor of Art at Stanford University where he received the Dean's Award in the Humanities in 1998. In 2013, ARTIUM, Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art presented the exhibition Cannibal Palimpsest, Chagoya’s first exhibition in a European museum.

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