Causality und weitere Werke von Frederik Fonseca Millán

130 x 87 cm (h x w)
Oil on canvas

I am Frederik Fonseca Millán, I was born in Bogotá and I have lived all my life in
this city. From a very young age I stood out for my affinity with arts and crafts.
In the school where I studied and in the neighborhood where I lived, I won
several drawing competitions. Around the age of 17 I began to draw as a hobby,
since it was not possible to start a university career, I started working in a
warehouse as a cashier. Simultaneously I decided to take an oil painting course
where I learned the technique, everything I learned in this course led me to
rethink what I really wanted to do in my life and by taking this job more seriously,
I did a preparatory at the District University (ASAB ) in plastic arts, although it
was a pleasant experience the resources used in the plastic arts did not fill me
as much as painting, so I gave up pursuing a professional career to dedicate
myself full time to painting. I resigned from my job in 2010 and in 2011 I
participated in a call called Barrio Bienal with the work Los Funerales de Atala
and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO), obtaining an Honorable
Mention and later in the 2012 by the same call I exhibited at the Museum of
Contemporary Art. Since then I have dedicated myself to making personalized
orders and looking for my own style. In November 2019 I was selected to
participate in a collective physical exhibition in London called Vicious Circle, with
my work "Causalidad" from the Onirico Series, between December 2019 and
January 2020. Since then I have been dedicated to making more compositions
and will participate in various calls and exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.

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