Offerings to Inlet Valley und weitere Werke von Joan Szabo

Offerings to Inlet Valley
29 x 68 inch (h x w)
unavailable for artist contact information

Hundreds of streams, large and small, make offerings to Inlet Valley. They are minor parts, pieces of a whole---sometimes obvious, and at other times obscure---nevertheless, a part of the larger picture. These donations do not stay in the valley. They may leave the area on a wet towel, the sole of a shoe, the bottom of a bait bucket, or be received by Cayuga Lake. From here, they may rise up in the form of a cloud or travel by water to the swamps of Montezuma. Leaving the swamp, they slip through the Seneca Canal and on to Lake Ontario or the Hudson River. Eventually they reach the Atlantic Ocean and travel around the world, as silt, water, rain and snow.

This valley and the streams that feed it are the details in the picture, the nails that hold a house together or food that nourishes a body. We are as connected to the earth and to one another as Inlet Valley is connected to the ocean—inexplicably, minutely, but indisputably one. In this way, all is tied together---life, thoughts, nature, pattern, process and people.

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