Sunday und weitere Werke von Krisztina Lazar

Sunday, 2020
12 x 12 inch (h x w)
USD 75
Wood Print
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"Deep in the woods on one of my later evening walks, I saw a faint glow amongst the distant trees. Guided by the full moon trickling through the leaves high above, I picked my way carefully and as quietly as I could to what looked like a small clearing. Taking cover behind a large tree trunk, I peered slowly, ever so slowly around to glimpse what could be making that light. There, in front of me, I saw a ring of mushrooms, emanating a soft bluish glow from their red caps. The ground beneath them was glowing as well, lighting up brighter here and there as they sent information back and forth to each other through what I could only guess was their mycelial network. I never imagined that you could actually see it like this! I was getting mesmerized by the whole scene, and unknowingly, I was leaning further and further away from the trunk of the tree I was hiding behind.
Then, something more came into focus and I jumped back to my tree. There, materializing out of the glow, was a tiny being, flittering and fluttering around the mushrooms. It was a tiny fairy dragon with a head like a parrot and his scales glowed and shone like a rainbow, just as brilliant and just as ephemeral. He was hovering around another being, a little snail, on one of the mushrooms. But it was no ordinary snail! This little snail had the distinctive head of a cat! My eyes grew wider and wider and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Suddenly both turned and looked me square in the face. I had been found out! I froze. I hadn’t determined if they were friendly or not yet, but it was too late now. After a few tense moments of staring at each other, the parrot dragon flew right up to my face and I got the distinct sense that he was inviting me to sit with them amongst the magical mushrooms. I couldn’t turn down an invitation like that and I sat carefully amongst the ring. We spent the night out in the stars, amongst the glow of the mushrooms and had many wonderful adventures. I woke up the next morning safely in my own bed. I suddenly realized I had no idea how I got back home but recalling the events from the night before, I relaxed, knowing that for all time, whenever I needed a friend, the parrot dragon and the cat snail would always be there for me."

Oakland Animal Shelter

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