Passion Amore und weitere Werke von Miles Regis

Passion Amore, 2015
40 x 42 x 2 cm (h x w x d)
Mixed Media on Canvas

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other works by Miles Regis

Circa (Black Lives Matter)
213 x 182 cm (h x w)
Technique mixte sur toile

We're all in this togethe..., 2020
145 x 120 cm (h x w)

Surround Yourself With Love, 2020
94 x 132 cm (h x w)

Style, 2019
84 x 76 cm (h x w)

Stop Caring From Afar, 2016
152 x 254 cm (h x w)


more from Round Hill Creative Group

Bata Dynamo

Amazon Dancer


Grandmaster Blast
48 x 46 inch (h x w)
: acrylic on canvas

Mid Day Market II
65 x 54 cm (h x w)
: acrylic on canvas


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