Fascism und weitere Werke von Minnette Lehmann

Fascism, 2020
20 x 30 inch (h x w)
acrylic painting

“It can happen anywhere…” says radical, intellectual and feminist artist Minnette Lehmann, when I asked her about her contribution to this exhibition “ husband Herbert used to say this. He was from Germany... My family was wiped out in Poland in WWII, but my parents never spoke about it.” Lehmann has critically questioned societal norms and political structures since she was a teenager in the late 1930s. She “got out” of Sacramento, started her studies early at the University of California Berkeley at the young age of 16, and became a Trotskyite. She met her first husband “the Mario Savio of that time” an activist and Trotskyite, and received her BA in Sociology. She left her first husband ever evolving, moved within the circle of writers and artists loosely referred to as Bohemians, and was part of the crowd that established City Lights Bookstore as a place for the voice of rebellion and dissent. She found herself deeply interested in the subconscious mind and met her second husband a psychoanalyst. She received her MFA in photography from SFAI, became a NEA recipient grant in 1975 for her photographic work on problematic marriages Till Death Do Us Part, and on a series questioning the norms of the nude study. She underwent a post-modernist reeducation in the 1980s collaborated with Linda Montano, engaged intellectually with Yvonne Rainer and Jane Gallup, and started Written Word performances. She taught photography for 20 years, and has shown her works widely. Continuing to evolve she began to work with collage and took up the medium of painting, and continues to be a vital force in feminist discourse and intellectual circles, with friends of all ages in the art world of the Bay Area and beyond.

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