Behind my back und weitere Werke von Nana Yaw Oduro

Behind my back, 2019
200 x 300 cm (h x w)
Photography / Pigmentary printing on Baryta paper

Photography and text: Courtesy of Afikaris

The stories his pictures present are composed using a mixture of his personal emotions, evident in the colors of his environment. Like other photographers of his generation such as Marc Posso or Yannis Davy, colors are at the heart of Nana Yaw Oduro’s work. However, whilst these photographers have historically worked with saturated colors, Nana Yaw Oduro uses alternatively tender, pure, or raw colors in his photographs, alongside those captured in black and white. He explains: “I believe you’d agree with me black and white have always had some power and soulful connection to it and sometimes the photo is just perfect in that.” Whether the colors are bold or in shades of grey, the chromatic treatment structures his images and produces a certain softness and harmony between shapes and colors, between man and nature; underpinning the narrative. Thus, there is no predetermined and systematically repeated concept in Nana Yaw Oduro’s work. The photographer creates each of his images based on his sensation. He is free from any constraint and lets his imagination wander, composing with what is in existence around him. His photos are inspired by daily life, a song running through his ears, a horse that crosses his path, or a basket of fruits under his eyes. Creativity has no limit for him. Inspiration is everywhere. Poetry is everywhere.

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