The path of creation und weitere Werke von Radu Goia

The path of creation, 2021

Creation, this noble aspect, which fills our lives and time in the most wonderful way.
The genesis of all things is creation itself. Its abstract origin, without a form defined by the human mind, beyond time and theories, but as real as possible, is the search that brings us closer to wisdom and inevitably to our happiness and to the Creator himself.
From the primordial fire of creation, of the "seen and unseen", to the sexual fire, meant to accomplish, what ... God does, to the embroidery that my grandmother weaves, on the bench in front of the gate, are forms of manifestation .
We toil with the body, with the mind, with the emotion and we strengthen the will, like a blacksmith, realizing in the forging of the creation from the physical world, the ones that are beyond time, giving them life here.

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