200 x 140 cm (h x w)

The artist presents herself in two exhibitions with different starting points of artwork. The first part, chamber accented with small formats, addresses with a stylized drawing based on an industrial pattern (decorative paper). It alludes to trendy contemporary interior designs imposed by rapidly changing industrial products, the constant change in the lifestyle and, consequently, the excessive consumption of the average individual. In the dialogue between colour, shape, and drawing (figure), the idealized forced lifestyle is presented ironically, because the reality, unfortunately, speaks the opposite. Lučka Šparovec says about the starting point of artwork: “I’m thinking about the relationship between the old and the new, between the past and the present. This transition is a playground of dialogues and changes, where we accept only what is useful to us or what we need to accept in an emergency. It’s not just about the intimate experience of modern times, but about the unbreakable global involvement of the subject in the discourse of financial, economic and trendy content (position, norms).” We perceive images in paintings as a kind of view through blurred glasses, because the paintings are made of multiple layers. The last layer is made of tracing paper, with which the atmosphere of “sfumato” is formed by motifs. Lučka Šparovec questions the traditional values, which, in today’s transitional times, have been confused in a two-faced extreme.
In the second part of the exhibition, both formats in graphic technique giclée, as well as subtle drawings on paper and canvas, are articulated in a sophisticated way between monochrome colour surfaces and lines. In these works, the author consciously moves away from the depictions of the subject world. Her starting point is the imaginative media in which various interventions (rhythm lines, neutral space, thoughtfully reduced colour choice) create coexistence of the whole.

Petra Vencelj
B.Sc. History of Art & Geography, AICA

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