Marqué par la guérison; Résilience\ Marked by healing; Resilience und weitere Werke von Yannick De Serre

Marqué par la guérison; Résilience\ Marked by healing; Resilience, 2020
h = 160 cm
graphite and sutures on Japanese paper

Yannick De Serre is a multidiciplinary artist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Laval University (Canada). He exhibits throughout Quebec and also provides a presence in major international fairs (Paper-2015 to 2018, Art Basel-2013, TIAF-2011, Sydney and New-York-2010). His works are shown in many institutional and private collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul (Canada). In 2019, Yannick De Serre receaved Grants from the Canada Council of the Arts (CAC) and the Council of Art and Literature of Quebec (CALQ).

De Serre is also a professionnal artist who holds a second degree. He own a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences. His work in health care system makes him sensitive to the subjects of illness, death and loss of loved ones. For him, art has become a way of preserving-transforming these topics.

« In memory, we conceal what is important. »

Instagram: @yandesse

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