Curatorial Overview und weitere Werke von Foa - Hosea - McCall

Curatorial Overview, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Performance Drawing 2021 presents works by international artists whose practice stretches, pulls, pushes and steps across disciplines relating to drawing and performance. To mark the first anniversary of the publication, 'Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945' (Bloomsbury 2020), the Centre for Recent Drawing presents an online show and in-person residency with curated events that extends the initial exploration of works in the book and considers the future of practice at the intersection of drawing and performance. Featured artists’ works were made since the date of writing and develop the book’s themes in new directions: Adelaide Damoah, Birgitta Hosea, Carali McCall, Maryclare Foá, Maurice Moore, Piyali Ghosh, Ram Samocha, sophia bartholomew.

Adelaide Domoah
'A Litany for Survival', 2019, is a visceral, powerful work by Adelaide Domoah inspired by Audre Lorde’s poem of the same name. In her performance, Domoah addresses physicality and the body in struggle. Her works can be seen as referencing various performance drawing actions in paint, from past to present.

Maurice Moore
In 'Drawing While Black, aka Black Boy Joy', 2020, Maurice Moore marks on brown paper and/or on black board while dancing in a hand-crafted mask. Travelling back and forth in a defiant gestural flow, Moore applies rhythmic marks that references both the joy of dance and the defiance of black queer dance culture.

Piyali Ghosh
In 'Naksha an Untold Odyssey', 2019, Piyali Ghosh embodies drawing and becomes the gestural moving sculpture that is in conversation with the material of her drawn works; addressing elements of ritual and also the performative process. As her body becomes the space, she is performative: interacting with her work and sometimes wearing pieces as costume.

Ram Samocha
In 'Mountain Range Outline', 2020, Ram Samocha traces the ridges of a mountain range in the distance with a tube of condensed milk on cellophane. Responding directly to the landscape, Samocha reimages the scenery and in so doing, also references both the personal and the rural.

sophia bartholomew
sophia bartholomew’s work 'The strand like the spirit: the spirit like the breath', 2021, references the landscape, wind, snow, wide open space. The work expands the notion of performance drawing to include the history of the body’s presence in the environment; using their own voice as a sounding.

C4RD Residency
During the residency, Foá, Hosea and McCall will be investigating their individual practice as well as working in collaborations that include drawing, performance and the curation of online events. The aim is to reflect on their publication, 'Performance Drawing: New Practices Since 1945' (2020), and to address new issues raised by the artists work in the exhibition Performance Drawing 2021.


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sophia bartholomew, artist..., 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Drawing While Black, aka Black..., 2020
h = 300, d = 3 cm
#performance #drawing

Artist's Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement , 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm


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