DOGECOIN - BEST COIN und weitere Werke von Artem Krylyev

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Forming an image out of chaos is my favorite art technique. Sometimes in chaos, there is more harmony than in the world of order. Chaos gives freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of creativity. Chaos is 100% potential, while order is the absence of any potential.

Especially for the Foil Network, I created the NTF on which I depicted how our beloved image is born from the chaos of letters and words. An image-meme, an image that everyone knows, unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency world, a person.

The Doge phenomenon shows us how much we still have to learn about ourselves (humanity) and makes it as fun and interesting as possible.

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other works by Artem Krylyev

The ICON, 2021
200 x 100 cm (h x w)

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100 x 200 cm (h x w)

Foil Network

Million Doge Disco
200 x 200 cm (h x w)

Bumpin Box Gen1 , 2021

Go Doge Disco, 2020
200 x 200 cm (h x w)


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