Cloud Red und weitere Werke von Nina Krasnova Jr.

Cloud Red, 2021
2 000
for sale

The collection:

«7th Heaven»

In the seventh heaven - this expression in conversation means the greatest happiness.

The collection was created as a memory of childhood, of warm summer days in the company of a faithful friend, and of childhood dreams.

Everyone in childhood dreamed of something important for themselves. Dreams can inspire, give strength and direct a person to the intended goal, to the seventh heaven.

And each work in this collection is like a window to the dream.

Cloud Night - calmness, spirituality and stability

Cloud Red - power, striking and activity

Cloud Green - life force, development and harmony

Cloud Pink - fun, sincerity and joy

Cloud Orange - friendliness, comfort and warmth

Cloud Purple - mystery, nobility and ambition

Cloud Gold - prosperity, inspiration and enthusiasm

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