Peace Bond Platinum und weitere Werke von Tanna Po

Peace Bond Platinum, 2021

The Peace Bonds project was conceived in 2014 as a fun and funny way to unite the world in celebration and Wage Peace on a global scale. After many years, it's finally time to make this crazy dream reality.

All Peace Bonds will be issued as limited-edition Non-Fungible-Tokens. This is a brand new means of creating limited-edition digital art using blockchain technology (the technology behind Bitcoin and Dogecoin that allows for the creation of limited-edition digital currencies).

The higher denomination Bonds will also be physically rendered as beautifully framed collectibles and shipped to the purchasers.

Each Peace Bond will also function as a ticket to the global virtual movie premiere / Party and be ascribed all sorts of other cool features in the future. These are no mere art pieces; these are gifts that will keep on giving!

To reserve, please click the preorder form above, or visit the Peace Bonds website to learn the full story and how you get involved and help us turn the entire world into a dance floor!


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