WoW und weitere Werke von Artem

WoW, 2021
for sale


Emotions. In life, I am an unemotional person. Therefore, I can only show emotions with the help of my art. Here I use any methods and techniques that help me talk about my emotions. Brush painting, photo collage, animation. Like any artist, I cannot explain in words what I feel. I can only show it. Critics and journalists are good at explaining in words :-)

In this art, I have collected things that at first glance are not related to each other: a warm southern sunset, a girl in retro style, Doge coins ...

I'll try to explain how it all happened. It was a pretty cool spring, I missed the warm summer evening, I watched old American films (you must agree that new American films are bull shit) And in this state I saw that a hurricane began on Twitter! A hurricane of tweets about Dogecoin and its sudden rise.That's when I thought: WOW!

Collection: Doge art

PS. The next owner of this NTF will receive a high resolution file from me and will be able to make a real poster

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