text Sample Rouxeville und weitere Werke von Rouxeville

text Sample Rouxeville
12.5 x 13 inch (h x w)

offered by:

other works by Rouxeville

Rouxeville Title
12.6 x 50 inch (h x w)

more from Findlay Galleries

The Red Bull, c. 1950
22.2 x 34.9 inch (h x w)
serigraph on paper

Images, 1954
35.9 x 49.1 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas

Untitled, c. 1950
38.9 x 39.1 inch (h x w)
Oil on Masonite

Jardin des plantes, c. 1950
29.8 x 40.8 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas

An Occasion for Surprise, c. 1950
29.9 x 40.2 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas


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