° Ansyen Catedral La und weitere Werke von strikeWare

° Ansyen Catedral La, 2019
Augmented Reality | Photograph

View this image with the Renovations app to reveal additional content.

This is the oldest church in the Western hemisphere. Built in 1503 by Nicholas Ovando the first governor of the island known as Haiti. This ancient cathedral served as the main sanctuary to the city until the inauguration of the new cathedral on December 7 1997. It was the first, conceived and realized by a Haitian architect the engineer François Pétion Laroche.

The translation to the Creole text revealed in the AR app is as follows:

Dear Mother Mary,

We are on the shores of Haiti, and although the history of your birth here is hazy, your mission was clear. You arrived to Baltimore to start a school for immigrant children of African descent, and now, 200 years later, a Catholic school is being built here in your honor. In every moment, a new wave of grace washes over us, gently reminding us that your presence is eternal, undiminished, and truly significant.

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