° Carroll Mansion und weitere Werke von strikeWare

° Carroll Mansion, 2019
Augmented Reality | Digital Art

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While construction crews rehabilitate the interior of the Peale Center, its programming, including the initial Renovations exhibit, was housed at the carroll Mansion.

According the Carroll Mansion’s website: “The first house structure was built on the current Carroll Mansion site between 1804 and 1808. Subsequent owners made additions to the original structure, the most extensive of which being made by Christopher Deshon, who owned the house from 1811 to 1818. Deshon sold the mansion to Richard Caton, son-in-law of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Richard and his wife Mary moved into the mansion in 1820.”

The mansion holds a permanent exhibition about Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the mansion's first proprietor and one of the primary signers on the declaration of independence. Of the fifty-five men who added their name to the document, Charles was the only Catholic. Around ten generations ago, anti-Catholic sentiment was common among colonists, and Carroll was not allowed to hold public office.

Instead, he gained prominence by expanding his vast estate, which was maintained by his active participation in the economic benefit of human slavery. Carroll, like many contemporary peers, opposed the 'idea' of slavery on moralistic grounds, yet never addressed the reality that he held children, women, and men in bondage until he died. We currently have five generations that make up our societal workforce.

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