Paradise und weitere Werke von Elias Rosas

7 x 23 inch (h x w)

Generally, a lot of my work is influenced by nature, specifically plant life. I have always enjoyed the organic forms and the beauty that each individual plant has. I have developed a fondness for the similarities between nature and the human form, as well as the contrast between nature and the manmade world. These ideas to me help relate humans back to nature, but also show how unique nature can be. Along with those ideas, color plays a large role in what inspires some of my work, as well as my own personal relationships; I enjoy utilizing color in complex ways. Nature is very important to me and the relationships we develop with nature and each other. The relationship between nature and the world we live in compares and contrasts to the human figure. They both share very sensual curving lines, and often I personify plants as if they were human or I portray humans living as free as plants do. Flowers specifically are interesting to me. Flowers are the sexual organs of the plant. The beauties of a flower remind me of the beauties of human sexuality and how we should embrace it and show it off the way plants do with their flowers.

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