The Bloody Supper und weitere Werke von Arthur Capelle Baptiste Girard Mathieu Lyse Patricia Galler Sri Dwarakabhamidipati 

The Bloody Supper , 2020
120 x 250 cm (h x w)
Assembling of photographs and visuals


Religions have a major place in society and art representation, and this leads to a significant number of artworks displaying men as divinities. Since Art also shapes our societies and the way we behave we wanted to question the relationship of women and religion. 

Since we want to provoke and focus on the role of women, we linked our idea to a religious artwork. The famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper, was used for the deviation of the artwork. By using this painting, we intended to provoke the traditions and beliefs of religions through the replacement of Jesus and his disciples with women. So, by including women and female hygiene products in the picture, we want to emphasize the importance of the female menstruation as it is the base of the human ability to reproduce itself. 
In the artwork you can see women sitting at the table around a female goddess who is supposed to replace Jesus. Female hygiene products and Bloody Marys are spread on the table as they are symbols for the movement to emphasize the importance of women’s role in religion. The Bloody Marys are special as tampons are hanging in them as decoration. The ten commandments of the movement are presented in the background of the picture, they are here to structure and shape the guidelines to follow. 


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