UBIN und weitere Werke von Parth Dave Gregoire Guillaume Arthur Maroy Louis Reungoat Amelie Romet

UBIN, 2020

In our everyday life, mankind is self-destructing by not taking care of sorting dishes and throwing garbage all around. Should we not be responsible for our actions and lower our egos to feel superior beings of our plant. Shouldn’t our greed of endless consumption be at least circular in nature where we recycle and reuse things properly?

A random superhero to whom citizens want simply identify. Moreover, superheroes are part of low culture and consequently are visible in movies, comics. Thorough our video we demonstrate how a person feels like a superhero when he disposes his waste and sorts the garbage but it must be everyone’s responsibility to do so. And that we don’t need a cape and to do things which is our duty towards the resources we have been provided by the earth.


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