The Butterfly Effect in C Lean und weitere Werke von Miguel Cohnen De Las Rivas Martin Dellinger Liam Fambart Felix Henry Samuele Vaudo Valentin Wittmann

The Butterfly Effect in C Lean, 2020

As a collective we are convinced that every small action can change the world. Plastic waste presents a huge threat to all life and the environment. Therefore, we form a movement and motivate people to recycle their plastics and “wash” them and the world clean. The message is conveyed by a video that remind us of the easiness to recycle and will “hit” every user of the internet to take actions.

Thus, we will transform the present into a better future.


Only 9 percent of plastic waste is recycled worldwide. This waste needs 400 years to decompose, already kills animals, causes deadly diseases in humans and pollutes as well as disfigures the world we live in. We all have the means to reduce our impact on the planet but lacking social awareness and laziness prevent us from doing it.


The deviation involves a video in the style of a Mickey Mouse cartoon to remind the spectator of the good old past and create the environment in which a “living” washing machine is possible. This central deviation, the magic washing machine, transforms garbage waste into flowers as a living object. In its body it therefore contrasts the themes clean vs. dirty by turning waste into beauty. This triggers the spectator to think about cleaning waste like clothes and the effect we can all have by recycling: to preserve the beauty of our planet for future generations and animals. Furthermore, the cartoon style conveys the feeling that it’s easy and funny to recycle.

A greener world is not an utopia. We need to collaborate right now and then the solution is as easy as filling your magic washing machine.

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