The Job Application und weitere Werke von TWT Collective

The Job Application , 2020

Deviated object

A job offer and a job application.

The job offer, as often seen on Linkedin, seems ironic in asking for an overqualified and over-diplominated candidate, while the reality of young graduate students often boils down to a significant lack of experience and skills. Thus the CV used for the application highlights this lack of skills. It is also a criticism of the cost of higher education with the price paid for useless skills.

Question raised

Why do students have to pay a lot for useless skills on the job market?


Today, higher education is very expensive, especially top Business and engineering schools in Western countries. A student has to pay between $50 000 and $200 000 of tuition fees, and additional cost of living, which usually leads a student in his 20s to have huge bank loans. Furthermore, the skills that students learn are usually obsolete, outdated and therefore do not match the skills looked after in the job market.

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